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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sweet Love Story! AWW

I found an auuwwww-soooo-too-cuuuutttteeeeeeeeee of an article to not share! So here I am, gigihly typing so you could awww yourselves out! haha!

No Blind Love


(Sorry, I'm gonna just skip to the best part, rather, I'm lazy, hehe) Basically the couple won the contest by Sunway Pyramid 'The Day We Met' with prizes worth over RM 15,000. Lui then brought his wife to Sunway Pyramid where they were surprised with a flash mob and then presented with their prizes :)

*      *       *
I love chuuu ~ hikhik

....Lui then expressed his love for his wife in public and said he was blessed to have such a wonderful wife by his side, before kissing her on the cheek as the crowd cheered on.
"I met her sometime in 1975, while I was walking along a street in Klang town. I chanced upon a blind man who was left helpless after being hit by a motorcycle. I immediately called the ambulance and was by his side to make sure he was in safe hands.
"Just as the ambulance took off, I realised that I forgot to give the blind man his white cane. So I continued to walk holding the white cane and reached a busy T-junction. Then suddenly, a woman came and grabbed my hand and quickly offered to help me get across, thinking I was blind.
"After we crossed over, she had a good look at me and found out that I was not blind. She let go of my hand, laughed it off and walked away. Since that incident, she was always on my mind and I regretted not asking for her contact number.
"However, a couple of days later while I was at a restaurant having lunch, I heard a familiar voice serving me coffee. When I turned to look, I was surprised to find the same woman who helped me cross the road now dressed as a waitress in the coffee shop.
"I never thought I would see her again. Since we had some time, we talked and exchanged our house telephone numbers and never looked back," he said.
 Awwwwwwwww right? They so seriously deserved to win! And beside the article there's a picture of them, a seriously gorgeous couple even though they are both already 58 years old! Could it be the power of luurrveee? Lui also added that he doesn't mind spending money on his wife but not for flowers as it only lasts weeks, he'd rather buy her jewellery  and good quality watches that she loves. Third wave of awww-ing! I mean, can I have him? Haha, kidding, I'm so touched I would never want to spoil their happiness (as if I have the chance anyway,pfft) .

But the sweetest love story is of course of our beloved Prophet Muhammad's :)  (SAW)

Ee, nak sweet love story gak! kbai. Assalamualaikum! :)


Friday, 3 February 2012

The full sea roars and thunders..and calms. PART I

Weird title for a post huh? Actually to come up with that I had googled 'describing stormy seas'..Why stormy seas you might ask? Well, I picture life as the sea. Sometimes calm, sometimes stormy. Always changing. Uncertain. Below is a short story I found in Hami Asraff's blog. The difference is that I have translated it to English (forgive my errors). Credits anyway, here.

*       *       *

One day a well-known speaker started the seminar in a unique way.
While holding the RM100 note, he asked the audience,

"Who wants this RM100 note?".

Many raised their hands, showing that many was interested.

"I will give this to one of youbut before I do let me do this first."

He stood near the audience. He scrunched up the note with his hands until it was all crumpled.
So he asked again,

"Who still wants this money?"

The amount of raised hands did not change.

"Well," he replied,

"What will happen when I do this?"

he said, while dropping the money onto the floor & stepping it with his shoes. Though still intactnow the money was so very dirty, worn-out and crumpled.

"OKnow,are there those who are still interested?".

There was still a lot of raised hands.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have just learned an important lessonWhatever happens with this money, you are still interested because my doings to it will not reduce its value.

Despite the crumpled, worn-out and dirtythis money is still well worth RM100.

In life, we had several times fallen, torn, and filled with dirt as a result of our decision-making & situations that hit us in a situation before.

In such caseswe find ourselves unworthy, unmeaning.
But anything that had & will happenyou never will lose value in the eyes of those who loves youeven more so in the eyes of God.

So no matter how dirty you are, we still have a distinctive valueLove yourself, repent if you have sinned and keep trying even though you have failed because we are actually very valuable.

And don't we forget, we are all the same in the eyes of Allah, only eeman and piety differs us. 

*       *       *

Before I continue, forgive my grammar errors, wrong use of vocab etc. 

Let the quotes below speak my thoughts (pffft as if I have enough wisdom to think the same, but the least I do agree,very much) :

When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.” 
― Paulo CoelhoThe Devil and Miss Prym

“Sometimes we bring to a struggle or cause the gifts we see most clearly, a courage, a strength, or a charm others have told us we have. But often we find more is asked of us than that, more than we intended or thought we possessed. We are asked to offer that which we thought dearest, to forgive what seemed unpardonable, to face what we feared the most and endure it. Sometimes we have to travel to the last step a path that was not of our own choosing. But I promise you this ... it will lead to a greater joy in the end. The difficulty is that the end is beyond our sight, it is a matter of faith, not of knowledge.  
 Anne Perry, A Christmas Visitor 
and my possible favourite..
“I have realized; it is during the times I am far outside my element that I experience myself the most. That I see and feel who I really am, the most! I think that's what a comet is like, you see, a comet is born in the outer realms of the universe! But it's only when it ventures too close to our sun or to other stars that it releases the blazing "tail" behind it and shoots brazen through the heavens! And meteors become sucked into our atmosphere before they burst like firecrackers and realize that they're shooting stars! That's why I enjoy taking myself out of my own element, my own comfort zone, and hurling myself out into the unknown. Because it's during those scary moments, those unsure steps taken, that I am able to see that I'm like a comet hitting a new atmosphere: suddenly I illuminate magnificently and fire dusts begin to fall off of me! I discover a smile I didn't know I had, I uncover a feeling that I didn't know existed in me... I see myself. I'm a shooting star. A meteor shower. But I'm not going to die out. I guess I'm more like a comet then. I'm just going to keep on coming back.  
 C. JoyBell C. 

Wee! To think myself as a comet! Sometimes people choose to be a comet, sometimes people don't want to, or rather, not knowing that they are capable of being one. I watched a movie called 'Three Wishes'. There was this scene that I particularly liked. I can't remember much but I'm trying my best :') (Rather, I invented a whole new dialogue)

(Jeanne, facing a hard time. With news her husband dead in war, having to raise two children on her own, and  starting her new business)

Jeanne: I wish I have the answers.
Jack: The answers to what?
Jeanne: Everything. What I should do, if my business will come through, am I being a good enough mother to my children.
Jack: You are. You're facing it. Christopher Columbus. When he first traveled, he didn't know what he was doing. He didn't intend to find a new world, just a faster way to India.
Jeanne: Like an explorer?
Jack: Yeah like an explorer..

Ok that was totally made-up. Kinda obvious how it was so totally crappy crap crap.I only remember a bit about the Columbus bit but the message was clear, we are all like explorers. We mights have hitches and bumps along the way, but the journey will always be rewarding. Maybe we won't have something as visual as Columbus, with a big fat America and his name down in history as a reward, but there will always something. Maybe something a bit more deep, life lessons, a new outlook on life, and insyaallah, strengthened faith :')

More to come ...
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