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Monday, 23 December 2013

Kenapa aku kata hidup ni macam sandwich..

Kalau korang peka, maka mungkin perasan yang alamat blog aku berbunyi "the sandwich life'. Kenapa sandwich life eh? *Hehe soalan tanya pada diri sendiri since takde sape nak tanya, sobs*. Well, sebab aku rasa hidup ni macam sandwich! Haa, lain sikit dari orang *aku meme tak suka sama nga orang lain*. Yelah, dah dengar 'life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get' or 'life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you have to move on' yabeda beda. Yang aku nak citer sekarang, adalah falsafah aku seniri, iaitu kehidupan tu macam sandwich! Haa, probably aku je sorang yang merasai yang demikian. Nak tahu kenapa ?? Then keep on reading..

Bagi memudahkan pemahaman, maka aku telah pon menjemput En. Sandwich.

Hai semua saya En. Sandwich, nice to meet uolss!
Terima kasih En. Sandwich atas kesudian menerima jemputan! Haha. Well, kalau korang perasan, sandwich ini terbahagi kepada 3 main parts. Well untuk aku lah. 

Pertama - Rotinya
Kedua - Isinya
Ketiga - Sayurnya 

Haha, bagi aku, kalau ade 3 benda tu, maka sandwich aku perfect! Tak jelas lagi?? Haa takpe2, aku summon En. Sandwich jap..


Nampak tak? Haa kalau tak nampak lagi maksudnya dah tak lama lerr tu, wakwakwakwak. *Mohon lempang*. Anyways, sekarang ni aku nak kaitkan bahagian-bahagian sandwich ini, dan kaitannya dengan kehidupan *drum roll please*

Pertama, part rotinya. Now roti ni bagi aku not bad lah. Lagu Gardenia berbunyi 'juga enak dimakan begitu saja' itu propa je lebih ! Bagi aku, roti ni makan kosong, rasa di bland je. Nothing special pon. Kalau perut bekeroncong mungkin lah makan sikit roti kosong. Salunya mesti sapu something. 

Now in life, meme ade part bland. You know,the usual stuff. Going to class, brushing your teeth, showering. Benda-benda routine tuh semua. Nothing to get excited about aiit?? Ade ke korang melompat macam babun kena cili punya seronok kalau dapat gosok gigi? Haha. Tapi benda bland ni perlu. Sebagaimana untuk dipanggil sandwich perlunya roti. Sebab sifat dia bland lah, seronok "digandingkan" dengan benda-benda bukan bland! Haa, apa dia benda bukan bland tu??

Kedua, part isinya. Now isi ni leh amik macam-macam bentuk.  Kalau aku,  suka letak daging burger. Turkey bacon ke. Taruk sekali dengan kepingan cheese, perghhhh delish aku cakap! Part ni lah yang buat aku betul-betul menghayati makan sandwich. Rasa macam berada di awangan *hxhxhx over je*. Makan macamtu je pon sedap, tapi tak kenyang. Perlu jugak roti. Roti yang bland itu. 

Macamtu jugak hidup wahai korang-korang sekalian. Dalam hidup, ade part best. Part yang menjadi highlight dalam hidup.  Melancong ke, pergi theme park ke,dapat duit ke, jatuh cinta ke. Tapi kita perlu jugak benda-benda routine nih ,benda yang tak berapa nak exciting. Takkan sebab nak excited memanjang punya pasal doplohpatjam kau enggan mandi sebab 'it's waste of time, I have exciting things to do'. Kena balance lah bro. 

Dan yang ketiga...Sayur! Part terakhir dalam sandwich yang membolehkan aku menggredkan sandwich itu sebagai perfect! Sesiapa yang kenal rapat dengan aku, tahu yang aku ni sangatlah tak suka makan sayur. Jenuh mak aku cuba latih, tak mahu. Aku akan muntah kalau mintak makan sayur. Kalau mak aku letak sayur dalam nasi goreng, aku dengan penuh sabor dan istiqamah tarik keluar satu-persatu sayur,baru makan. Yeakk sangat rasanya pada tekak aku. Tak paham aku kenapa orang leh makan camtu je, yang buat ulam-ulam tu, gahhhhhh. Tapi yang hairannya, aku sangat suka makan sayur kalau diletak dalam sandwich. Yamm yamm. Kalau beli Subway tu semua sayur aku suruh dia taruk *kecuali pickles, hehe* . 

Dalam hidup, aku leh ibaratkan sayur ni macam the bad moments in life *hehe mohon maaf kepada penggemar sayur*.   Tak best! Menci ! Hate ! @#$%^ !! Tapi, ia essential.  Ye, dalam hidup ade kalanya kita perlu sedih. Sebab dengan berasa sedih lah kita tahu apa itu bahagia! Macam ying and yang concept tu. 2 contrary forces that compliment each other. For instance, a shadow cannot exist without light. Contoh, kalau selalu fail, baru tahu bahagianya lulus kan? Kalau selalu kena reject, baru paham bahagianya diterima. Macam-macam lah sebenarnya. 


NOW. Gabungan 3 element ini - the bland things in life (symbolized by roti), the exciting things in life (symbolized by isi ) and the sad things in life (symbolized by veggies) is what makes life PERFECT! And it is the definition of life itself. We all go through boring stuff, fun stuff, depressing stuff because that is what life is! Experiencing all these! Having too much of anything (even fun) is not good for you, which is why you need balance.

And with balance we get this ..

I sure am delicious
P.S This is En. Kehidupan/En. Sandwich

Yes, a delishhhhh life! *And sandwich too* . 

So enjoy it!

P.S Kita merancang, Allah menentukan. But that doesn't mean you're completely helpless. Pray. Pray for happiness, pray for balance, pray that during hardships Allah will give you strength and pray that your mind will always be occupied with thoughts of Him the Almighty. May Allah grant you Jannah! InsyaAllah! 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Missing my childhood..

I miss my childhood. I really do.  But missing childhood makes me feel like an outcast. All around me, I see, and I hear, 'Tak sabor nak kahwin!' 'Eee bila nak dapat baby ni' 'Yayyy degree done, gonna do my Masters next!'. Everyone seems to be progressing forward, anticipating the future. Not me. I want to go back.

Can you guys still remember?

When you're a kid, and it rains, you would run outside while shouting so joyfully. And friends won't nag you and say 'Eh jangan main hujan lah, nanti demam!'. No, they would join in the fun. I miss that.

Can you guys still remember?

Fights would be over silly things. Not sharing colour pencils. Forgetting to bring the plastic container to put in the tadpoles. All that stupid stuff. None of this adult-life-is-hitting-you-in-the-face crap. I miss that.

Can you guys still remember?

We would find pleasures in very small things. Seeing the swings unoccupied. Having the whole playground to yourself. Catching a frog. Finally reaching the very top of the tree after numerous tries. Snacking on 'ice-cream Malaysia' (aka aiskrim batang). As you grow older, you won't appreciate these things any longer. Well, how can you? You can't go play in the playground or go after frogs or climb trees. And snacking on a mere ice lolly will hardly leave you a 'glowing feeling' considering you now have money to buy KFC, Dominos and all that fancy food restaurants. Life was just so simple back then. I miss that.

Can you guys still remember?

The naivety,curiosity, ignorance! Gosh! We would wonder endlessly how babies are made. Why is it when you eat cotton candy in turns all sugary in your mouth. What is the cloud made of. Why is it that rainbows have so many colours. So many questions unanswered, and the thirst for knowledge! So adventurous back then. Going on self-made quests, trying out the silliest things without a care in the world. I miss that.

I miss the days when you can tell 'Teddy' all your problems and things will be alright again. I miss the days when the only guys that will make you cry is your own dad when he forgets to buy you candy back from work or your brother when he won't let you play with his toys. I miss the days when homework was just colouring. I miss the days when you can be a mess and people still thinks you're cute. And friendships, relationships, they were so easy! I miss so so many things.

2013 is coming to an end. Next year I will turn 21, by right, a real adult. I am in no rush to get married, or start a family. Nor am I excited to finish my degree quickly. Not only do I want to stay in the present, I wish, somehow, I can go back and relive those fond memories.

But that can't happen, and I accept that. I'm glad that I was granted a wonderful childhood. I know I'm lucky, seeing my brothers and sisters in the Middle East, having to be 'older' than they really are. Experiencing pain and hurt that even an adult would find hard to bear.

And honestly, being an adult is not all that bad. :)

So people, please take a minute to be grateful that you have had a wonderful past
and another minute to make duas for your brothers and sisters in Syria, Myanmar,Palestin, Egypt
and another minute to rejoice that another year is about to end! ALHAMDULILLAH, your soul is still intact with your body!

Movingggggggg forward peeps!!
Besides, my childhood may be over, but not my play time! :P

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