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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sweet Love Story! AWW

I found an auuwwww-soooo-too-cuuuutttteeeeeeeeee of an article to not share! So here I am, gigihly typing so you could awww yourselves out! haha!

No Blind Love


(Sorry, I'm gonna just skip to the best part, rather, I'm lazy, hehe) Basically the couple won the contest by Sunway Pyramid 'The Day We Met' with prizes worth over RM 15,000. Lui then brought his wife to Sunway Pyramid where they were surprised with a flash mob and then presented with their prizes :)

*      *       *
I love chuuu ~ hikhik

....Lui then expressed his love for his wife in public and said he was blessed to have such a wonderful wife by his side, before kissing her on the cheek as the crowd cheered on.
"I met her sometime in 1975, while I was walking along a street in Klang town. I chanced upon a blind man who was left helpless after being hit by a motorcycle. I immediately called the ambulance and was by his side to make sure he was in safe hands.
"Just as the ambulance took off, I realised that I forgot to give the blind man his white cane. So I continued to walk holding the white cane and reached a busy T-junction. Then suddenly, a woman came and grabbed my hand and quickly offered to help me get across, thinking I was blind.
"After we crossed over, she had a good look at me and found out that I was not blind. She let go of my hand, laughed it off and walked away. Since that incident, she was always on my mind and I regretted not asking for her contact number.
"However, a couple of days later while I was at a restaurant having lunch, I heard a familiar voice serving me coffee. When I turned to look, I was surprised to find the same woman who helped me cross the road now dressed as a waitress in the coffee shop.
"I never thought I would see her again. Since we had some time, we talked and exchanged our house telephone numbers and never looked back," he said.
 Awwwwwwwww right? They so seriously deserved to win! And beside the article there's a picture of them, a seriously gorgeous couple even though they are both already 58 years old! Could it be the power of luurrveee? Lui also added that he doesn't mind spending money on his wife but not for flowers as it only lasts weeks, he'd rather buy her jewellery  and good quality watches that she loves. Third wave of awww-ing! I mean, can I have him? Haha, kidding, I'm so touched I would never want to spoil their happiness (as if I have the chance anyway,pfft) .

But the sweetest love story is of course of our beloved Prophet Muhammad's :)  (SAW)

Ee, nak sweet love story gak! kbai. Assalamualaikum! :)


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untoldhistory said...

awwww they're fated! ;D cool nya cerita dia:"D

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