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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My ideal room

Okay so my room kinda looks like this one, I mean the structure, not the design. It has two windows, except the other window is not so close to the corner like in the above picture but rather to the middle. This idea is kinda cool huh? But I like waking up to a sunrise, so I definitely want the bed right beside the window. 

Okay here is another picture to give you an idea of what my room looks like. 

Okay so this is my ideal room! My current room is a bit bigger than this one so I'm thinking of getting customized furniture (know any good ones?) and I have to add some extras to the room like a dressing table and a bookshelf.  Imagine in the middle of the striped walls there is a window, and above the study table, another window. Wallah! My room. 

There are some other ideas I just love love love and definitely going into my '..or maybe-this-one' list, among them...

Okayy loveeee the study table, and I love mirror wardrobes coz they make the room look bigger! And there is a bookshelf above the study table, so I would totally save space! 

A similar concept..

Other ideas I just loveeeeee (but a bit hard to make it come true as its not so practical)!

I think this is super cute! I love lots of drawers and I need a wardrobe,obviously, so combine the two. Saves space, yayyy! But, I don't think my wall (on the right side of the window) is wide enough to fit in a properly-sized wardrobe, so sobs to that!

And this! And look at the wallpaper! Totally vintage, me loveyy much! This is a really cool idea too, except I would change it to being single bed. However! A pillar in the middle of my room would look totally awkward, (the above one doesn't coz it's beside a door) and I don't think this would fit in my bedroom anyways. 

Other ideas I can manipulate around with..

I can do a real simple one; bed beside window, study table in the middle, wardrobe on the other side. 


Or leave the middle, and put both the wardrobe and study table on the far left. hurmmm

A slight change from my first idea of an ideal bedroom, instead of having the wardrobe beside the study table, why not a bookshelf? 

Love the loooooongggg study table. Coz this gal needs her study space man! Lewls

Ahah! sliding-door wardrobe at the foot of the bed. Might consider it.

A much simplified version of the first idea. But I think the corner wardrobe is super cute so maybe not. We'll see.

 Okay so change the middle part of the room with a bed, and the left, a sofa. I WOULD LOVEEEE TO HAVE A SOFA IN MY ROOM! Coz I like sleeping on sofas, it feels somehow more comfortable to me, donno why..

Huh, make room for tv! Kinda cool!

Love the study table and wall paper!!! Arghh!!!

Okayyy lovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee the wardrobe idea at the foot of the bed, I mean or me personally, its ingenious way to save space and not make it look cramped or weird.. The study table is a bit small for my liking, but we can adjust it to having a corner study table like previous ideas. Y'know a bit of mix-n-match! 

Okay so I know I said that I wanted to have the bed right beside the window but this is a really cool idea! Not to mention gorjezz!  And on the left side of the room I can have a huge mirror which I love coz I love mirrors yayy!

Again, a similar idea to previous ones.. A wardrobe in the middle. Hurmm. See, I have a window there, but heck who cares it's just a view of my neighbour's house, so I don't really need it nways. Huhu

Another idea for saving space! Kinda like it, though it does look a weeeenyy but odd. To me at least.

Just a thought, maybe I can have like the above one and have the furniture be built around the window. A bit out out of reach though. hmm

Love the study table, and omgeeeeeeeeeeeee how gorgeous is the theme here?? 

Simple. and I like the hanging rack.

See how beautiful it is having the study table facing the window? And I love the way it's sorta joint with the bookshelf + wardrobe. Genius! 

Another simple idea...

Ok there are still lots of ideas, but lets just let the pictures do the talking 

Take note : How gorgeous is the study table here??

Simple. Like previous ideas, study table and wardrobe side by side.

I just loveeee the sofa with wheels!! Nice study table too btw.

Same old same old

A nicer view of how a study table can merge with a bookshelf!

I love pink, cute vintage. 

Maybe a wardrobe like that?

Simple. again.

Pink study table. An idea.

Cute corner bookshelf. 

So I was thinking, how about I do tall wardrobes on either side of the bed? Coz the window is right in the middle, and there's not that much space.

This is kinda unique, I like it.

I like the study table with drawers that is not in level with the table! 

Again, study table coolio.

A study table on the side of the wardrobe! Genius if you ask me! 

Study table! 


Told ya I was obsessed with sofas..

I want to literally cry seeing this study table!!

Just like the dressing table. 

Bedside lamp, then study table. huh. Might do it.

Looks super cramped this way, but I might give it a shot. 

Okayyyyyyyyyyyy I love the sofa ideaaaa!! Put in the middle of the room, the study table in the corner and the wardrobe beside it! Weee so cuteee!

Study table and huge round mirror! Scoree!

Haha I just like the details on the drawers that's all.

Hurmm, interesstiiinngggg

Corner shelf

I might actually widen the window. Its so pretty in this picture and I have a beautiful view from my room. 

Longgg cabinets - interesting

Study table.

Again, an idea. 

Study table 

Look at those knobs on the drawers! Total win! I want to do a pink/grey them or pink/chocolate theme

A long study table. Just what I want.

Study table again.

Ok get this. There are two beds right? Now replace the left one with a long sofa. How's that? I think I would like that! 

Study table and elevated bookshelves.

Love the dressing table. 

Simple. I think I'm repeating some pics -______-"

study table. Huuu~


One of my faves study table so far. 

The cutest corner bookshelf and look at those curtains!

Okay so that's about it! The renovation is not any time soon, maybe years (hopefully only a year) from now but it wouldn't hurt to dream a little early, lewls. Well hope I get to have my dream room soon or I'm gonna be single for a veryyyy long time (coz I might need to buy my own house and do it myself if its not gonna happen with my mum and dad, haha and think of how many years that would take!)

Toodles and feel welcome to give me your opinions! 

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