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Monday, 28 November 2011

10 Facts about Soffea that You Don't Need To Know But I'm Gonna Tell Anyway

1. One of the things I love about myself is my name. It's like a mix of the common and the 'never heard of'. Y'know what I mean? Like Soffea is a pretty common name. But Soffeatul is..quite rare. I only know three others who also have the added 'tul'. And Raunaqiah..Naqiah, though I don't find common but Naqiuddin is common what?The added 'rau', well I'm probably one of a kind ;p HAHA fact gila riak. Tidaklah, I'm really thankful :) Nama aku pretty an? Hee >.<

2. I..dislike texting. Dulu aku sangat gila texting sampai Mama pon naik rimas tengok. Now, donno the passion just kinda..DIE. I rarely have the phone in my hand, usually it would get lost and I would find it days later under my bed,out of battery and dusty :/. Which is why a lot,A LOT are irritated with me because I rarely answer calls and reply messages. Sorry guys :/

3. I have very VERY few male friends. I guess me and the opposite sex just don't get along all that well. REAL friends lah. Friends I can say 'Weh stress doh belajar sini' or 'Huwaaa I lost my RM800' . Yeah, like I said not many :/

4. I get very easily annoyed when people crease my bed. But only after I made the bed lah. If the bed is already messy go crease ahoyy! I'm very sensitive if my pillow is at a different angle or something. I know I know it's silly to fret on something as small as this, and I do it to people too :/ HAHA. but. Haii.

5. Usually I exaggerate my pain. Mama said it's habit I have since I was little. Back then Mama said if she pinched me, I would go crying as if I've broken a bone or something. Yeah, some drama queen eh?

6. I'm extremely clumsy. Especially when I'm in a hurry. Something ALWAYS get spilled, I would wear something the other way round, I get tripped and paperwork would go flying. Wooo. Seriously ughh -..-"

7. I change my handwriting often. Well now I don't have a fixed one because we are always typing typing typing, if I write it just looks like.. squiggly hideous scrawl or something. Yeah. My own font.Jealous? HAHA.They say that would mean 'tidak tetap pendirian'. True eh? I think not lah. -..-"

8. I use to HATE HATE HATE pizza. Before, I see pizza as vomit on dough. When I was in primary school the canteen lady would always serve pizza,and I would always reject it. She said I was crazy. Yeah I agree. How could I have rejected all that pizza???!!! I love pizza now, it's favourite food. Heh.

9. I would like to own a pet tarantula. Yeah, ohsem!

10. Ok this one is silly. I used to make some sort of castle for..Woodlice. Euuww right?. And I kept the castle in my house, seriously it was a MESS. I made a box with towers from loo rolls and everything lah. There was lots of woodlice living between the planks of wood at my back garden so I decided one day that one HUGE family of them would make cool pets. I don't think they liked it very much in the castle, they kept going out in the 'open' a.k.a my living room. (remember the castle was IN the house :/)

Ok so that is 10 random facts about Me. Why me? Because it is my blog,duh -..-" . Can cin cau :)

Soffea : Finished reading King Lear, it was OHSEM!

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